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PLANNING to Build or Remodel

We are a full-service professional company dedicated to preserving the life of your assets with the highest quality of services. We have earned a reputation as a premier remodeling and building contractor with an extensive range of capabilities.
KC Custom Builder’s commitment is to provide each customer with a positive experience that yields long lasting relationships. Each one of our customers truly appreciates our passion and drive for excellence,  leading to their complete satisfaction in every project we complete. It’s the pride we take in knowing that every single home is designed, crafted and custom built with extraordinary care. It’s personal, and it extends to the relationships and trust that we build with our customers.

What to know  

We’ve worked with numerous clients, all with different tastes and visions for their newly imagined home. Our ability to say “yes, we can do that” to any style or idea our clients see on Pinterest or Instagram sets us apart from the other contractors in the area. Our management team, production crews and subcontractors deliver unique value to each client with an uncompromised commitment to professionalism. 

How about some inspiration?

If you’re not sure exactly what you want your new home space to look like, but you know it needs a change, get inspired by our gallery of home remodeling projects. 

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