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Our commitment to building and developing relationships with each of our clients is The KC DIFFERENCE

Building Better Experiences

The KC Difference is providing you with a better building experience through personalized service, respect, and quality with every new home or remodeling project.  

We pride ourselves on providing a home remodeling or new home construction process that is better than the rest. We’re sure you’ve heard a horror story from a friend or family members’ remodeling or new home project gone wrong. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad actors in this industry. KC Custom Builders is different from the rest because of the values we abide by.

The 3 values listed above: personalized service, respect, and quality, are manifested by the six reasons we’re different listed below: long-term relationships, management+communication, commitment to building, attention to detail, dust control, and builder trend. Keep reading to learn more. 


Six Reasons KC Custom Builders is DIFFERENT

building long term relationships

  • We aim to hire the best team members, from skills to personality. We understand that we are guests in your home and conduct ourselves accordingly.
  • We believe in loyalty. We have long term relationships with our designers, architects, vendors and subcontractors. I believe this way of doing business ensures the best outcome for my clients. We work well as a team and minimize risk this way.

management + communication

  • Nathan and his project manager work together as at team to manage each project.
  • We consult with our in-house employees, subcontractors and vendors at an early stage to ensure a smooth running project.
  • Job schedules are created and managed on a weekly basis.
  • Communication is so key to a successful project, this is why we have regular client meetings to review the budgets, schedules and touch base on your project.
  • We know we are not perfect. If and when an issue emerges, we strive to resolve these with a sense of urgency.
  • You will always have access to the Owner and the Project Manager for any questions you may have.

commitment to building

  • We strive to keep up with the pace of the evolving construction industry.
  • We are continuously learning about new products and new methods of building to keep up with industry standards. We also stay in tune with the most efficient and eco-friendly ways of building as possible.

attention to detail

  • Nathan’s upbringing as a finish carpenter has taught him to bring that level of detail from the foundation to the finish work.
  • Every little detail matters, and this is what the KC Custom Builders team has been trained to execute.

dust control

We use HEPA Air filtration Systems, One system we use is the BuildClean Dust Control System because it takes away up to 90 percent of the airborne dust, even on the most challenging projects. They know the installation of barrier walls and use of vacuums aren’t enough.
Dust isn’t just a nuisance. Remodeling and demolition dust can trigger asthma attacks, allergic reactions and problems for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Job site dust can also have an adverse effect on the health of pets that are in the home during construction. In addition, particles from sawing, scraping and sanding can contain hazardous materials such as asbestos, arsenic or lead. You and your family deserve the best, which is why offer offer a believe firmly in dust control management.

builder trend

What is BuilderTrend?  Buildertrend has been a great tool to help us manage our projects more effectively. This tool allows you to view your job schedule online, view daily reports with photos, access your financials 24/7 to help keep you on budget, and sign change orders from your computer or phone. Builder Trend helps us provide clear, timely communication to our customers.

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